The hottest bathroom design ideas this year!

by Bathroom Remodel Thousand OAKS

Remodel your bathroom with floating vanities

Do you want to update your bathroom? Bathroom design trends are changing rapidly and there's a lot of new ideas coming out. It can be hard to keep up with all the new designs, so we've put together a list of our favorite bathrooms from this year.

Floating vanities

Floating vanities come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many sink, faucet, and hardware options now. You can even get them in the style that you want! Wall-mount bathroom vanities can be bought in different ways. You can buy a set that already has everything you need for your bathroom with countertop storage. Or, you could buy the things that are missing, or buy it all to create your perfect design vision.

Floating vanities are a good choice for people who want to make their bathroom perfect. They can fit in small spaces without having to put a sink on the ground. You can use cabinets that go up and down. Put them open or closed, higher than on the ground. Floating vanities are more helpful because they take up less space. This means that you have more room for the floor to be clean.

Large-format wall tiles

Large-format wall tiles are becoming more popular. These tiles can make a big impact on your home. You might not see any grout lines because they are larger than smaller ones. People use them in the bathroom or kitchen, and for the backsplash.

Large-sized tiles are becoming popular with people who want to design their space. There are fewer white lines between the tiles. Large tiles are nice because they look luxurious. Slabs are good for floors because they have fewer grout lines and they look both pretty and useful.

This year, people will like subway tiles in bathrooms. They come in colors, textures, and finishes so you can personalize your bathroom. Subway tiles are perfect because they keep the space clean and organized. You don't need any other furniture or artwork.

Back-lit mirrors and medicine cabinets

In the past few years, more people added lights in the bathroom and a mirror on top. Today, three out of four homes put new mirrors in their master bathrooms. This is very popular because there are no shadows when you look at the mirror or next to it. It also provides a lot of light in the room. This includes lights around sinks or tubs. There are some mirrors that have lights on the back of them. This light should be enough to see your face. It is not too bright, so you can see yourself well in the mirror. It will help you get ready for bed at night because it lights up the room.

This is a simple shape, and it became a piece that is both functional and decorative. A backlit mirror creates a glowing effect on the wall. It looks like it is floating. This accent can be used to make a room look better. You can use it as a focal point or for something that is textured.

Space-savvy tubs

Soaking tubs are the new trend in bathrooms. They take up less space than a normal tub and use less water. In the world today, people are always going. They have less time to rest and relax, so more people are using soaking tubs. Some people want a bathtub that is flat on the bottom. This will be replacing other ones as they are much easier to clean up after.

Bathroom renovations have been popular for a long time. One way that they are getting better is if you take space-savvy steps. Some people like to have a bathtub in their bathroom and other people like to have a shower. Bathtubs are still popular but some people also like showers more. You don't need to worry about water size or need when you are opting for this layout because both can do their part. What does that mean? You have a lot of space. You have less water and less space if you have a different setup.

Bathroom with warm color in Thousand Oaks

Painting walls in a warm color

Refreshing your bathroom with the new year can be a good thing. You can start over and do new things. One of the easiest ways to do this is by painting with a new color. You can paint your bathroom for example. In the bathroom, there are many colors that can make things pretty. But some colors stand out as being especially warm or vibrant.

Choosing the paint for your bathroom can be difficult and confusing. Use these tips to help you choose the best color. You don't need to pick one color when you're painting. There are paint colors that will stay cleaner longer. These can be more hygienic and last for a long time. Technology has made it possible for paints to come in different finishes. This means that they can be glossy, matte, or somewhere between.  You can now choose from UltraLast, which is durable and can be painted over before the paint starts to peel off. You can keep your paint job looking fresh with help from new technology. Color pigments that are not seen by the naked eye will still look good on your walls.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is the hardest natural material. It resists scratching and staining, which means they are easy to maintain. Quartz is not as delicate as other materials like granite. It is strong and does not scratch. A countertop is a place where people can put things when they are using the bathroom.  74% of people get a color that won't show dirt or scratches, so they don't have to clean it as much.

Quartz is used for modern design trends in bathrooms because it's durable. It does not get stains or scratches. It has high resistance to acidity levels and grease and oils, so it is a popular choice among many designers.

With a Silestone countertop, you can clean it. It won't stain, so you spend less time scrubbing. You will have more fun with your Silestone countertops in the bathroom!

Quartz counters are easy to maintain. You'll only need to clean them once or twice per day. This is a good choice for people who want their bathroom to look nice and also be easy to clean up.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets are becoming cheaper and more practical. They may have been expensive in the past, but now they are very popular.

In the past, it was only high-income people who could afford to go into space. Nowadays, they are becoming more popular and more people can afford them.  Some people who want to use them see them as luxurious while others see them as something more useful.

These new toilets have no need for hands. The lid closes on its own and the flushing is touch-free. This means that you will not come into contact with germs for a long time. This is good for people who get sick or have dry skin problems.

This modernized bathroom has lights that kill bacteria on the cover and you won't have to scrub it. 

With a little research, you can find the right bathroom design for any home. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom with some of the hottest designs, give us a call.