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The bathroom is the room in your home where you start and end every day. So why not make it inviting, relaxing, and stylish?

A full bathroom is a bathroom that includes a toilet, sink and shower. Many homeowners remodel only one side of the original bath. This is often called a half-bath (a sink with no toilet or shower) or a powder room. It's important to note that when planning your new bathroom, you can go as big or small. It is as you like, you don't have to start with the full-bathroom option.

Full bathroom redesign approach

In the case of a full bathroom renovation, here is our step-by-step process:

Planning and budgeting. Set your budget before starting the design process so that you know what you can afford. In today's market, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. Our designer will help you to choose the right fixtures, cabinetry and colors to meet your budget. We'll help you stay on track. You might have deadlines for a project. We'll help you with these things, and we'll make sure that you reach them. For example: if you're getting married soon and want the bathroom renovated before the big day. The design will be planned to make it perfect. The design of the bathroom is done in detail. Since everything is being designed from scratch, your imagination can run wild! We'll work with you for as long as it takes to get exactly what you want! Our remodel specialists will take out the old fixtures and cabinetry, then put in new ones.

We will put together a team compose of our best plumber, tile person, electrician, painter, and more. We have a full staff to make your project go smoothly from start to finish.

This is not only a cost-effective approach for our customers, it's also more convenient. Having one point of contact makes it easier for you because we're on top of everything that's going on.

At this point, we can leverage the skills of a designer. He will create the bathroom layout on computer software. This creative process includes 3D rendering. You can walk around in it and see what it is like. The design is drawn up in precise detail, as you'll see it when it's completed. This allows us to make any necessary changes before any remodeling takes place.

Visualization and design. You'll get to see an accurate representation of your new bathroom space. You can choose as many colors, fixtures and finishes as you want! This is a great way to make minor changes now since it will be inexpensive.
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The best of the full bathroom remodel in Thousand Oaks CA

Now things will get real as this next step is to clear everything out of the bathroom. After that's done, you're ready for demolition. Usually, this means that you will need to break up the old floor tiles. You will also need to remove any moldy insulation. The tub will be removed to replace it with the one you selected. You may also want to consider replacing the toilet, but that's not a must. Now you can see your bathroom in its true form.

After demolition, you're ready for framing and drywall. This is where the walls are framed and covered with 2" x 4" wall boards--or "drywall." A layer of insulation is added after that. Your walls will be clean and ready for painting. Paint will make your bathroom look great.

After framing is complete, it's time to tackle the flooring. We can either tile or use vinyl, laminate or hardwood floors. Tile is a great idea if you want something durable and beautiful, but it can be a big undertaking. Vinyl and laminate floors are also good options that are less labor-intensive. If you want hardwood floors like your dining room or kitchen, this is something we can do as well!

The cool thing about remodeling is that there are so many choices when it comes to bathroom tiles. And you don't need to be an expert to decide what you like. Our tile person will help you choose the color and pattern that suits your taste. But it's up to you and your partner if black walls are a good idea!

Next, install the cabinets, counters and hardware. This is where you'll get to see the beautiful work of your bathroom remodeler come together! And it doesn't have to be expensive either. You can get a lot of choices for bathroom cabinets without spending a lot of money. You can buy discounted ones, clearance items, and pre-loved items.

Full bathroom remodel in Thousand Oaks
Full renovation of a bathroom in Thousand Oaks

When it is ready for paint, you have an array of colors to choose from as well. One of the most popular is Benjamin Moore's Aura paint line. But you may want something different for a more unique look. Either way, you'll end up with a room that will make you and your guests so excited about using it!

Once everything is installed, it's time to add the finishing touches. Cut in the edges of your floor tiles, clean up all the mess and grout. You're then ready to start using your fantastic new bathroom!

And that's it! With a little bit of work, you're now enjoying your dream bathroom! The best part is that there are no more paint fumes, drilling noises or other annoyances. You can now enjoy your everyday life!

The bathroom remodelers experts at Bathroom Remodel Thousands Oaks, can show you how to turn your ideas into reality. Get the design and installation services of the best bathroom remodel near me in Thousand Oaks CA. Call today to get a free price quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

From the moment you decide to invest in a full bathroom remodel, it's all worth it. The answer is a resounding yes!  You get to create the bathroom you always wanted. You get to show off something that you made yourself with a little help from our professionals. It creates extra value to  your home. It will make your house more enjoyable to live in!  The best part of this process is that it doesn't have to be expensive. You can get a lot of choices for bathroom cabinets without spending a lot of money.

Bathroom remodeling costs can differ, depending on the scope of project. The size and complexity of your bathroom will also determine how much you're looking to spend. But here are some tips for lowering your costs: 

 - Be smart about what you buy. If you want quality in every aspect, then it's worth paying more. But if you're not going to use a certain fixture or appliance for long, then don't buy the most expensive one. 

 - Shop around and look for cheap deals. Most of your fixtures are available in different stores. So it's worth checking them all out before deciding on anything. Call up your local hardware store and ask them where they buy their bathroom fixtures. You may be surprised that they have them at a lower cost than in other stores! 

 - Have your faucets, pipes and drains re-piped. This is an important step since it reduces the risk of leaks and flooding. It's also necessary if you plan to switch from a tub to a shower in your new bathroom. 

 - Buy quality materials for your bathroom remodel. If you're going to invest a lot of money in this project, then it's worth getting the very best stuff available. This will also ensure that it lasts longer!

An architect is a great help if you're planning on making big changes to your house. If you want to build an extension, or construct a new bathroom from scratch, then this is the person you need! But before getting one, make sure that they are licensed and registered with the state in which they practice.

Here's how things work during your meeting with your architect:

 - They listen to what you want and offer their professional opinion. If you want something out of the ordinary, then explain him.

 - They can tell you how much it is going to cost, depending on your homes construction and design.

 - They will present you with a detailed plan for your project.

 - If you want to build in your home, you will need permits. They can tell you what permits you need and how to get them. 

Most people don't need an architect, but it's always a good idea to get one. Your plans may be different than what they have in mind! If you want to create something that's never been done before, then this is the person you need to talk to!

Bathroom remodeling projects can take several weeks or months. It all depends on the scope of work. This means spending some time in your house without water and power. This also means having to clean up a lot of mess! If you're planning on making big changes to your bathroom, then it's going to take several weeks.

The number of bathrooms in a house will depend on how big the house is and how many people live there. If you have a small home with two occupants, one bathroom should be fine. If you live in a large family or an old home with few bathrooms, then two would be preferable. In a house with four adults, three bathrooms should be present. A person should have their own bathroom to use.